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@ Hutto Cemetery:

actually says, "goodbye, if you survive, don't get in trouble"

goodbye....don't get in trouble

9-17-2005: We walked across Jake's bridge (New comers request)and got loads of whispers, but the most audible was this. It says something at first and finishes by saying:

"and the devil went in the trees"

 This investigation was done in a house, and we are currently listening to the EVP which consists of 4 parts, long parts, and we can't figure out what this one says, please send me your ideas:

tell me what this says to you!!!!

Here is the EVP we've collected so far at the Emerson house, that the man burnt to the ground and took his own life. He is still very disgruntled as you can see.

"son of a bitch!"

he replies, "yes"

sinister laugh

he sure was glad for us to go

My half sister came down from Wisconsin and we took her to Jake's Bridge, as I do with most first timers, and this is what we got.....

"come here"

"oh yeah"

Jennifer and I went early in the morning to Jake's bridge.
He is telling a story throughout the tape,
but it is mostly inaudible...
except for these:

"someone's here"

child says something, before trick

get out, maybe?



whispers (his story) & "mommy"

"your slow"

Mike's trip to Jake's Bridge

beginning of trip's "slowpoke"

"your welcome" while being pushed

The voices that were recorded,
seemed stronger closer to the "old" bridge.

"I can jump"

child's voice, "I see you."

"stop and visit"

My NEW House:


shut up


There is a ghost that lives in the duplex I used to live in (picture posted). Here is a collection of the audible voices I've collected, so far (there is still much, I'm going through):

I walk in and he says 'hi'

who am I

Heather's House
Here are some things from our friend Heather's house. The "time to go to bed, dog" was taken from my sister's, though- but the rest is Heather's. So far, we have heard 3 different voices, but the spirits claim to be six.

"I don't want to"

"don't you want me?"


"time to go back to bed, dog"

world war "one" maybe

"hey jen, been a long time"

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