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Hi, really great site, first thing is, the EVP that is titled ," Tell me what this says to you" sounds like it's saying, " Can you hear me? Let's talk now." Also, the one "I can jump" sounds like "kill them all" But these are just MY interpretations.   - William 

Interesting, thanks for the feedback, but I beg to differ. No offense. The one is long and says way more than just that, but maybe- but the man, he definately says, "I can jump". We have had many investigations and it turns out a group of guys were there, ran out of gas and one particular guy wasn't so lucky to jump out of the way of an oncoming car, and was thrown over the bridge into the creek. He had explained this on the next investigation on a recorder of another teammates, which was old and cruddy, so I never added it.

Why are you taking so long to add more new stuff!?!
- anonymous, US
Sorry, I moved and then things happened that prevented me from going out. I have been listening to hours and hours of recording and trying to afford to develop these films. What I do, does not pay... with money. Maybe you should donate (yeah, right.)

How do you know these ghosts want to be redirected? Or that they aren't stuck there for a reason?   -Andy (Austin, Tx)
We usually just have to ask. Sometimes the case is a psychic imprint that replays itself over and over again, and in some cases, like the children that died of some traumatic experience- just don't know they're dead. And finally, those that don't want help and are happy.....well, we leave well enough alone...

Whatever was in your pictures of Saul Cemetery, I've seen go through my car one time, while giving my mom a ride.
                          -David (Austin)
Cool, you saw a ghost!


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Gardner Ghost

Are you guys like TAPS on T.V.?    - Faye  (Austin, Tx)
Well, kinda, although we don't use thermometers and EMF technology. We feel that those tools aren't very reliable. And instead of one investigation, we do many. Also, we don't just stir up the spirits and go, we try to find ways to help. Sometimes, the living and the dead can live peacefully together, but sometimes not. Each situation must be handled differently.

I stumbled across your website recently. Very interesting work. I believe that I can explain the odd behavior of the bird you saw at the cemetary.  It was probably a Kildeer.  They nest on the ground and if someone gets close to their almost invisible nest, they will act like they have a broken wing and try to lure you away from the eggs.                                           
                          - Rich, Texas

Thank you very much, Rich. I appreciate the help. I'm also very glad to see that educated people find our work interesting.

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